Famous People of the 21st Century

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Elon Musk

Hey Elon, have you checked out the latest sale and purchase agreement schedule G? It’s got some interesting provisions that could impact our business.

Also, I’ve been thinking about getting a motorized bicycle. Do you know if motorized bicycles are legal in our area?

And speaking of legalities, do you know if it’s legally permissible to shoot pigeons?

On a different note, do you have any insights on the abortion laws in Brazil? I heard they are quite complex.

Mark Zuckerberg

Hey Mark, I’ve been reviewing our dealer terms and conditions. Do you think we need to make any updates to ensure compliance with the latest regulations?

Also, have you come across the Fannie Mae forbearance agreement form recently? I think it could be beneficial for some of our clients.

And I’m also curious about the process for filing for nonprofit tax-exempt status. Do you have any experience with that?

Lastly, do you know the format for writing an Indian legal notice? It’s something I need to prepare for our upcoming projects.