Legal Insights in a Rap

Yo, listen up, I’ve got some insights for you
If you’re dealing with legal matters, I’ve got some clues
First up, let’s talk about the problems with the four agreements
When it comes to contracts, things can get real vague
Make sure you understand what’s in it, don’t be a doof
Business models, business definitions, it’s all in the mix
To run a successful company, you gotta have those tricks
Here’s a link to help you out, business model business definition
Next up, let’s head to Prague, they’ve got some Prague legal tips
When you’re in a new place, you don’t wanna trip
NJ domestic partnerships, and their health insurance rights
Make sure you’re in the know, so your future is bright
Check out this link for more, NJ domestic partnership health insurance
When it comes to digital media, there’s a whole set of laws
Don’t get caught in a mess, know your rights, no flaws
Here’s a link to guide you, digital media law
Arrowhead rules, legal regulations can be quite tough
But don’t worry, I’ve got the info that’s enough
Check out this link for more, arrowhead rules
Is it legal to record phone calls in Arizona, that’s what you ask?
Well, I’ve got the answer, so don’t wear a mask
Check out this link for more, is it legal to record phone calls in Arizona
Last but not least, dressmaker contracts, they’re quite unique
If you’re in the fashion world, this sample will pique
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Subject-verb agreement, now that’s a tricky one
But don’t you worry, I’ve got the rules, so you won’t be done
Check out this link for more, rules or subject verb agreement
Got an email to send to a Gli company?
Don’t know the address, don’t worry, I got you homie
Check out this link for more, Gli company email address
That’s all for now, hope this helped you out
Stay legal, stay sharp, and never have a doubt