Aditya Katyal

Team Member


Aditya Katyal


Aditya takes care of the business side of our office. He develops the strategies for attracting as many clients as possible. He is the backbone of our pricing, advertising, infrastructure, and finance strategies. He is great with numbers and at the end everything boils down to numbers be it a business or professional practice. Aditya understands how to keep our operation costs low. He is a strong negotiator and has amazing analytical skills.

He has an eye for business opportunity in everything he sees. He is full of business ideas and has the courage to put it into action. Aditya has conducted many successful businesses throughout his career. Starting from helping his father grow his business, to own first ever bubble tea café in India, to own one of the most popular pizza chains in Canada, to tapping into many more business opportunities with handsome returns. He develops the business ideas not only for his own business, but he has also supported many young entrepreneurs to set up and run their business operations profitably.

Aditya’s business development and management skills are backed up by a master’s degree in Business Administration and 15 years of experience in researching on different market trends, organizing business operations from the scratch, managing vendors seamlessly, minimizing cost, and maximizing revenues.

Aditya loves travelling and exploring different cultures. He has seen almost every country in the world. He is married and has two children. We find him a friendly and fun-loving person.

Aditya’s contribution is crucial to run our office operations. He provides us the Business Intelligence to avoid bulky overhead costs, negotiate and close the deals with our suppliers, collaborate with other businesses and professionals, understand the expectations of our clients in terms of pricing and maximize our turnover.